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All schedules disappear in Monitoring tool Nprinting


I've been running NPrinting Version for a while now. However, just yesterday all my schedules disappered. I checked Monitoring Tool in Nprinting Server and it says No schedules to display. Although I can still run tasks manually, I need to get this sorted as I have too many tasks.

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Couple thoughts:

Open your NSQ file with your Client and look to see if there are any jobs.  Maybe the scheduler is de-activated or expired.

schedule job.PNG

Hopefully, you made a backup of your NSQ file, just copy the backup to your server location, stop and restart your service and the schedule should be going again.

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Thanks but all the Schedules are set to active.

Creator III
Creator III

Stop the service, then remove the "schedules.xml" document from your NPrinting/Monitor folder. Re-start the service and after a couple of minutes the schedules should be showing on your monitoring tool.

The NPrinting/Monitor folder should be located somewhere on your server, something like:




Creator III
Creator III

To add to the prior post, you can delete the 'schedules' file and it will be auto recreated once you restart the service.

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Thanks for your help Carlos. When I delete the file, it's not auto generated. Even when I restart the service it still does not come back.


Is this the only NSQ you have that is creating schedules on your server or do you have other documents?

Can you create a test document and publish it to your server to insure that your server it functioning properly?

Does the scheduler work when you run it from the Client rather than the Server?

And, hopefully, you have a backup somewhere of your NSQ.  You can try renaming the file and copying it to the server and see if that will work.

Nprinting does not use source control, so I created a backup folder on my server and  make working backups of my files after every version update.  A good practice to start if you are not already doing so.

You might also try re-booting your server.  When all else fails, power it off and back on.