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All tables in a template

Hi Qlik,

What impact, if any, does it have if you add all the tables from an app into an NPrinting designer template (regardless of whether they're referenced in the template itself)?

Will it slow the generation down? Does it use additional NPrinting resource?

Is it likely to create errors in the report generation?

Will any impact even be noticeable?

Many thanks in advance

Chris A.

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Re: All tables in a template

My take on this is the less the better...

In short it was designed to deal with required objects (not all objects from app)

performance you can simply test - create an app:

  • add 3-5 big, granular tables to NPrinitng entitiies
    • run empty report and measure response time
  • add 1 tag and repeat above, add another tag and repeat again etc...

I would never add all tables to table objects in nprinting as it simply creates more options for possible error, mistake, confusion etc.,.. given that the same table very often needs to be added few times with different configurations it just adds up to complecity.

I do not see any pros - only cons, regarding performace - i am not sure



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