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Automatic Recipient from a SQL View


I'm a bit of a newbie at this, and this has probably been answered before, I just can't find anything close.

I am loading a SQL view into Qlik which looks like the following:

Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comRGS & Sons34000
Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comSmile Ltd25000
Fred SmithFredSmith@sales.comGreeves Ltd67000
John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comWrights of Slough100
John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comJims or Ipswich56000
John BrownJohnBrown@sales.comBlueway100000

What I would like to do is Email a single report to each ASM on a monthly basis showing all of his active accounts and the associated Spend. - a simple two column spreadsheet. How do I take the ASMEmail from the data and create it as a recipient?


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I am not sure what you meant automatic, but here is how I created.

When the above chart is created, you can send them to an excel file.

Go to the recipient ->recipient import->From File(this is the file you just created)-> following the instruction of the steps. remember to select the excel file.the at the last step to map the fields.

its a straight process.

Or you can import by entity too.

Hope this helps.


Hi thanks for the response, but not quite what I'm looking for. let me elaborate:

I need to use nPrinting/Qlik to send an email to each of the ASM's at month end. The bit I don't know how to do is, dynamically pick up their email addresses from the data?

From the above example:

Fred Smith get's one email containing a three row spreadsheet showing the spend on his accounts.

John Brown also get's one email containing a three row spreadsheet showing the spend on his accounts.

I have written the reports and scheduled them.... I'm just lacking how to dynamically grab their email addresses.


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Simon,

Do you have a Publisher license in your QlikView installation?

With it you will be able to do this easily.

Else, you may need to create a macro.


Hi Yes we do.

Creator III
Creator III

Your answer and mine have crossed.

So, if you are using nPrinting, no need of the Publisher.

You will have to create recipients (they can be done by a task importing them from your QV application) with recipient's filter.

Those filters will be applied by nPrinting when creating the reports for each recipient.

See this thread Nprinting - Recipients Filters dynamically, you will have useful links.