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Best NPrinting report for a directory?

     I have been tasked to create a location directory with names, address, multiple phone numbers etc.  I have tried in excel, word, pixel perfect, though excel looks by far the best with only one concern as the fields if printed run straight down leaving white space through much of the report.  Is there a way to build columns in the excel or format the page in order to avoid having to manually do so?

Excel version of information: With 40 entries, it makes for a poorly formatted option for distribution and printing by the end user.


Word version of information:  I can create 4 columns in formatting so this all fits nicely on 2 pages, but information is less attractive.


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Re: Best NPrinting report for a directory?

Hard to say without seeing your data structure.  But I would probably use levels create groups of data by person.

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Re: Best NPrinting report for a directory?

Ok, so a fresh look at the problem...

This is the report structure...puts all branches straight down left side and is not printable.


The following duplicates and makes 2 columns of the same information:

excel 3.PNG

The branches are numbered between 0100 and 8200, is there a formula in which I can make the left column all branches 0100-2600 and the second 2600-8200?

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Re: Best NPrinting report for a directory?

You would use 2 different objects in Qlikview.

When you pull the data in you're pulling from a Qlikview object.  Make 2 objects.

The first object with 0100 to 2500.  And the 2nd half 2600 to 8200.  Or whatever you need the breakout to be.

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