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Calculate average CPU for 7 days in Nprinting

I have a Nprinting report scheduled to send mail every week , where i get Concurrent users, Max Ram usage, Max CPU. But I need to calculate Average of CPU utilization for a week. How can i achieve this in Nprinting.?

Attached the Nprinting output file as below.


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Re: Calculate average CPU for 7 days in Nprinting

Hi Anitha - this is a QlikVIew or Qlik Sense question.

NPrinitng uses data and results form Qlik so you are posting question in wrong channel.

On the other hand you probably need to give us a hint how this is built in Qlik. It is very likely that all what you would need to do is add one xtra measure: like AVG(CPU) and use it in NPrinitng. But as of now there is not enough information to even think about a solution.



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