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Creator II
Creator II

Can NPrinting Cycle a Report based on a list box expression values

Note, the listbox displayed values are based on an expression:

This below is a sample expression that displays the desired items in the listbox, based on the sheet that I am on in qlikview:

=if(aggr($(vBridgeHours_DurationHours),[Device Name])>0,[Device Name])

This works great, and only populates the listbox with [Device Name] items that are relevant on that sheet.

So, while the the listbox is based on an expression, it is populated from a field in the data model, in this case :  [Device Name].

However, I cannot simply cycle all [Device Name] items because not all devices will meet the criteria in the expression above, which, again, is based on the sheet that I am on in qlikview.

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III


you have two option here

to apply a filter on the device name field in the nprinting report that will select only the relevant  devices for the report

than the cycle will only use those values

you'll need to use evaluate type of filter , that can process qlik expressions

Creator II
Creator II

I am not familiar with an evaluate filter - can you explain a bit more?



You can calculate this condition in Qlik script and flag devices with required condition. Then you can cycle normaly through device filed with filter applied on your condition flag.

that is my favourite approach which proves to be stable and working as it should.



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Creator II
Creator II

Unfortunately, script to add flags in the data model during load will not work.  The devices are dynamic, based on several factors. 


Please check the help site page Static and dynamic filters ‒ Qlik NPrinting

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