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Can not create new user in NPrinting 17

hi experts ..

   recently i were stated NP17 SR1 ..i installed successfully then activated licence  and add the engine its shows online i can create the reports and also publish reports to Newsstand but i cannot sent to email am sure my smtp configure is correct so i open the web engine log files and it ll shows errors like below


my scheduler log files shows like


so after seen the log file i assumed the issue was accrued on the repo services.it was shows like licence error

but i cant understand what kind of error is this because i can add engine create connection and also cache was generated

can edit template publish the reports to newsstand port .i cannot sent email only..

and web engine  log shows another error like below!!..


it shows cannot create new user the domain account is invalid.if the domain account is invalid i cannot publish report on news stand also but i can sent report to the port on that user!!

next it show licence error!. i used the CALs for qlikview so i done lease the licence to Qlikview server before install NP server

if suppose the license error is accrued NP does not generate Cache .but i can create and publish the report so i thought that is not licence problem

but i cant understand what kind of error accrued

please anyone suggesting me to solve this issues.....   

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Look for the first error. This indicates that your NPrinting licence has expired.


Have you purchased a licence, or is it a demo licence with a time limit?

I would suggest you contact your Partner or Qlik Account Manager.

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thanks for your suggestion Colin Albert i saw that error but my scheduler log files shows License is Not expried good


so only am not consider that error and also i can create the report and publish it.

if my license were expired my cache status ll not generated i think

but i asked about licence to my partner waiting for those response..

and my doubt is

in case our Licence is expired we cannot sent reports to mail thats the only error accrues ?...   

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colin_albert- i conformed its a purchased license only thats not the issue
anyother suggestion pls?

Can you stop and start the NP Services,  and check for any errors in the logs from the time of the service restart.

If this does not resolve the problem I would suggest you raise the issue with your partner as they are providing your support, and they can escalate the issue to Qlik.