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Creator III
Creator III

Cells on N Printing have border in powerpoint


I have a powerpoint slide in N Printing based on a table in QV.  I need a variance column and I would like the variance to be green if positive and red if negative.  I have used 'Cells' in N Printing  Powerpoint and 'keep source format' but the cells in powerpoint have a border even though they don't in QV (see attachment).

IS there anyway to remove these borders?  Is this a bug?




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Hi Paul

I cannot test it now, so i will not give you answer i am 100% sure of but... There can be few reasons why you see not border in Qlik and you still see border in NPrinitng:

  1. Maybe your borders in Qlik are transparrent - you could try setting them to white
  2. Style section in table properties drove me nuts one time, I have realised that using different style as starting point for further enhancements of my table would cause cell borders appear or disappear. For example you could get different results by using classic style vs light style. This was the biggest find ever in my career 😛
  3. From your screenshot only 1 cell still has borders (the one with 49% (red) , maybe double check setting for this cell.

Maybe those hints will help you little bit. Sorry i could not provide the straight answer




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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Lech

Thanks for your help

I did try the things you suggested but unfortunately they didn't work in my case.

Thanks anyway