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Changes in Qvw not apply in NPrinting

Hi community,

In relation with this issue: Loses quality of image when generate report

I´m using NPrinting 17.2 for generate a report, but when change anything in qvw source, does not apply in NPrinting file... Recharge the metadata of connection, but nothing... I create new object, modify format cell, change preferences (issue link)...

How can look the changes in my NPrinting file??


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Re: Changes in Qvw not apply in NPrinting

Hi Manases,

After Changes in the QVW file,you have to save it properly, lateron,reload the metadata in the connection of certain application., after that just single time you have to open and close the Qlik Nprinting designer, and later on once again by choosing edit template option available under Main menu "Report",you can develop your report template with updated QlikView objects.

for log check of the specific published task;just type the following command in iexplorer;





Re: Changes in Qvw not apply in NPrinting

There is an issue with the connection and refresh the data. This is solved in NPrinting 17.3.

Otherwise you have sometimes to restart the Nprinting services to get new data.

It’s better to upgrade to 17.3