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Column Totals in Word Template

I have created a table and loaded the QS objects into it in a Word template.  Works great. Mostly

Unfortunately, it does not pull over the Totals row from QS app. 

Is there a way to make it do that or is there a way to create the Totals row in the table in the Word template?

I am running latest versions of QS and nPrinting.

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Re: Column Totals in Word Template

So I figured out how to add a totals row and inserting formulas in the Word table. 

Here is my next challenge.  In my QS app I have to hide any numbers less than 11.  I display ** when that happens.  That comes across to word just fine and displays the stars.. 

However, the formula (Sum(Above)) looks like it will only Sum where there is a number.  Makes sense.  In QS I have the actual number that is being blocked out.  But when it gets over to Word it is just the **. 

So that leaves me with is there any way to bring over the totals row from the QS app?  I don't see a way to do that.  But you never know.

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