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Conditions are not evaluated separately for each report in the cycle

Hi Guys,

We are using NP19 to send monthly email reports to our external users for our incentive program. One network user may have multiple entities, some are eligible for bonus some are not. It depends on the performance for current month.  We will cycle entity name for each user, and one user can get email with multiple reports as attachments. For example, user 1 has E1 and E2 entities, the user will receive one email which has two reports as attachments, one for E1 and another one for E2 if they are eligible to have bonus. We use Condition to check if there are any bonus (Bonus Chart contains values).

The issue we met is, Conditions are not evaluated separately for each report in the cycle (for NP19). If E1 has bonus but E2 doesn't, of course there are some values in Bonus table. Then it will still attach two reports in email, and E2 report is showing blank value in bonus table. The data wise is not wrong, but this is ugly. We did same thing in old NP16 and this condition works well and only attached E1 report.

For those entities do not have bonus data, they still have other performance ratings need to be seen, so I cannot remove those entities from qvw.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions how to handle cycled reports separately?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, This is working as designed. The solution would be to create logic in advanced filter and apply this filter on filed you are using as cycle dimension.


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Hi Lech,

I read your post and it is very nice, thank you. While I tried you method I found that I made mistake when posted my question. In my case, the eligibility to show or not show in bonus table is based on contract, if entity has type 1 contract then we need to show in bonus table even the bonus is $0; and for other contract, we do not even calculate and show in bonus table. This is why originally we just used Condition to check if bonus table contains value or not. If I use sum(bonus)>0, then some of eligible entities got eliminated.

I will try to think an expression how to present Condition chart contains value. I already did the worst case scenario - to create tag based on contract type.

Thanks so much.