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Connection bar Greyed out

Hi Guys,

When I edit a excel report template , I find the connection bar is grey  and not any objects are listed on the left side.

I am pretty sure the connection assigned for this report is work.


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Re: Connection bar Greyed out


  • first of all version 17.3 is very old - I suggest to upgrade to September 2019.
  • make sure your designer and server are on the same version
  • the fact that connections are greyed out is normal, what surprises me is that normally you should see there entities like
    • Page
    • Levels
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Cells
    • Variables
    • Formulas
  • Once you right click on one of them you should see Ädd object"and then you should be able to pick an object associated with Application and connection you want.

Without more info i don't know what else I can suggest. It simply looks like corrupted designer or not configured properly.

Are you able to edit any other reports?


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