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Corrupted Excel File

Hello Folks,

I have an NPrinting system where I am using it to output Excel with Tables.  Unfortunately, no matter where I create the spreadsheet (Preview, Emailed Attachment) I am always greeted with "Excel was able to open the file by repairing or removing unreadable content".  Has anyone else run into and resolved this error? I've recreated my template, and it still gives me this problem. 

Personally, I attribute it to my report having some tables that have no data in them, but I'm not sure.

NPrinting version

2017-06-16 10_30_35-qlikview - Remote Desktop Connection.png

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Re: Corrupted Excel File

Hi Justin,

Questions to start with:

  • NPrinting Designer - where is it installed? on your laptop or on the server?
  • Office version?
    • Is it plain / vanilla Office? without any add-ons, plugins, simple - straight from the box Office?
  • Does it happen to any new report you create?
  • Can you share your template excel file?
  • Can you also share how you have created your template - especialy bit where you create your table (some screenshots would be handy with NPrinting entities and nodes and excel settings used)

hopefuly we can figure it out with information once provided



cheers Lech
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