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Cycling Reports - email distribution?

Hi All,

by using NPrinting cycle report feature able generate an individual file for each country but can we able to send separate email based on each filed value? because i'm running more transaction level report for each country & file size too big (3 to 5 mb ) and job succeeded but lost the data. kindly advise me if there any option/workaround methods to resolve this issue (distribute separate email based on each cycle value)

Note: I'm using Qlikview Nprting 16.3.0

FYI, below screen (report generated based on cycle filed value)




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Re: Cycling Reports - email distribution?


Ruggero answer is suggesting that multiple emails will not be possible!

NPrinting, one task, one receiver, multiple / separate emails

unless we create dummy recipients say for:

  • recipient A & County A -->  email A@gmail.com --> filter CountryA..
  • recipient A & County B -->  email A@gmail.com --> filter CountryB.. etc..

then the same recipient will get 2 emails for separate report.

Obviously this is far from ideal as you need to create filters and bunch of dummy users and on top of that your filters may be dynamic which can made this task completely impossible.



cheers Lech
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