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Distinct Count in Qlik NPrinting Pivot table


We have a pivot table in our QlikView application as below:

(Refer Pivot.PNG)

Here the Total under each Case owner is based on distinct Case ID.

For example, for the Case ID “12097”, there are two Distribution values. In Total, this should be considered as a single Case since the Case ID is common. Hence the Total here is 3.

We have to pull the same table in NPrinting.

As we cannot pull a pivot table directly, we have taken a copy of this pivot table,converted to a Straight table and pulled the same in NPrinting and created a Pivot table again in NPrinting.

But in NPrinting, we are getting the below output:(Refer NPrinting output.PNG)

It is not showing the distinct count, instead it counts all values in the Case count field and showing the Total as 4 instead of 3.

Even in the Straight table which we converted in Qlik, the count was correct and showing as 3 as we have included expression for this Case count to count based on distinct Case ID.

Tried the following option to get the Distinct count function:


Getting the error as ”Preview failed with the error, data source not supported” displayed, while giving preview in NPrinting.

Requesting your suggestions .

@swuehl @sunny_talwar @Henric_Cronström 

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