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Creator III
Creator III

Do anyone have or know the difference between Nprinting versions?

I would like to know the difference between NPrinting 17 and 16 version. Kindly share me if anything you have.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik NPrinting main features

This table compares the main features of Qlik NPrinting 17 with Qlik NPrinting 16.

Product CapabilityQlik NPrinting 16Qlik NPrinting 17
Microsoft Office reporting


Pixel perfect and web reportingYesYes
Centralized distributionYesYes
Web based architecture Yes
Online subscription hub Yes
Multi-QVW ReportsYesYes
Enterprise scalability Yes
Roles based security Yes
Multi-developer environment Yes
Recipient imports from ExcelYesYes
Conditional ReportingYesYes
Recipient Import WizardYes
Dynamic Report NamingYesYes
FTP SupportYes
Cycling Reports (creates files for every value of dimensions)Yes
Cycled pages in multiple slidesYesYes
Variable FilterYes
Linked FieldsYes
Load templateYes



Dixit Panchal.

Creator III
Creator III


Please find the attached release notes of NPrinting 16.5 and 17.0 to understand the differences.

NPrinting 17.0 Supports Multithreads.






The objective details above are correct but...

You should also be aware that NPrinting 16 doesn't support QlikView 12 and Qlik Sense.

My subjective comments are: NP17.2 and previous releases are VERY shaky. Since the product is quite new, you will neither find a lot of documentation nor a lot of qualified help in the Community. It's some kind like the early Qlik Sense versions.

Plan your development process, so you have time to crash, because NP17 will do so, and then you will have the time to redo your work a couple of times. And you cannot fix it, because data is stored in a combination of Postgre SQL and in Static folders with XML-data, which is difficult to figure out how it relates and how dependencies works. Testing is also a problem, and I haven't found a feasible way to handle DEV-TEST-PROD, like you could in NP16.

But it will most likely come, and version 17 is the future, and you'll end up spending a lot of time converting your NP 16 projects. Only templates can be "converted". But you still have to create connections, filters and users all over, and then you have to replace all the "merge fields" in your templates.... That's close to "do it again".

In my perspective there's still a bulky road ahead, but there's no easy path and no alternatives if you're on a Qlik platform.

Good luck!

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks Jacob