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Doubts installing Qlik Nprinting April 2019

Hi All,

Can anyone please clarify my below doubts in installing Nprinting 2019 in azure virtual machine:

I have gone through videos and documents of Qlikhelp but still I do not have a proper clarification on the below queries:

1. Do we need to have the same domain for qliksense server machine as well as Qlik Nprinting server machine. In our project we are installing Nprinting server and engine in the same machine.

2. Here in the process( at the stage of providing Administrator credentials) of installing Nprinting server, it was given to supply a username, email id and password. I do have a doubt whether this username and email id are created here on the go or I need to provide a valid existing user account and a valid existing email id. If existing whether that username and email id should be from the same domain as the Qlik Nprinting?capture1.PNG


 In the Qlik documentation I found the below:

Qlik NPrinting repository database administrator

The Qlik NPrinting repository database is a role that has administrative privileges in the Qlik NPrinting repository. It is not a Windows, or Qlik NPrinting user, it is a PostgreSQL user configured in the repository database. This user is used the first time you log into Qlik NPrinting.

You are prompted to enter an Administrator username, Email address, and Password to create the Qlik NPrinting Server administrator on the Administrator credentials screen during the Qlik NPrinting Server installation.

Please provide clarification on both my queries.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @shrav666 

I have reached out to your Qlik Partner manager to share with you available Qlik Partner training resources including a possible training engagement. I will let him work with you and your organization on that front.

In the meantime I will do my best to offer information available publicly and freely to all.

First, you will find a wealth of implementation/installation configuration information here:


This above link includes:

  • planning and preparation details including system requirement
  • installation information
  • limitations to be aware of

The following link also provides additional best practices including supported and unsupported environments:

In general, you will find most if not all of your answers in the Qlik Help pages that start here:

Specifically for your convenience here are answers to your questions as the relate to the current available documentation. Please note as per the above reference links:

  • You must install NPrinting and Qlik Sense on separate server to ensure there are no bottlenecks encountered due to the heavy processing that may be required on both servers.  See unsupported configurations help link above.
  • NPrinting server, the NPrinting service account and the Qlik Sense server must be in the same domain. Also see supported/unsupported configurations

The following answers to your questions are explained in the following link: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/June2019/Content/NPrinting/DeployingQVNprinting/Installing-qli...

  • The superuser password. This password is stored in the NPrinting repository postgres database. You need to document this for future reference and to perform future upgrades, backup and restores.
  • The administrator user name, email address and password you enter into the installation screen after entering the super user password is not domain information. You must document this information for your records so you can log into NPrinting after the install is complete. This information is stored in the local NPrinting Postgres database

Hope this helps to clarify for you.

Kind regards...


We are just 'like' you and like to be liked when providing a helpful answer. You may also press the 'Solution Accepted' button if an answer provided resolves your question or issue... Cheers!

Still looking for a person who can contact me to suggest.


Hello @shrav666 

My colleague Maitrayee Sinha has contacted your organization regarding potential consulting engagement arrangements. I provided them with your email contact information as well. 

You may discuss directly with your Qlik Partner manager for details going forward.

Kind regards...

We are just 'like' you and like to be liked when providing a helpful answer. You may also press the 'Solution Accepted' button if an answer provided resolves your question or issue... Cheers!