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Duplicate a Nprinting Report in Qlik Sense


I am wondering if there is a way to Save As a report that I am making in NPrinting using Qlik Sense so that I have a duplicate of the original? Anytime I go into the editing of the report, the only option is to Save or "Save and Close"

I was reading some posts earlier on how to copy the general format of the report, however, I will only be minor changes with filters and want to have the same data set pulled/displayed so it would be easiest if I could just copy the first report exactly.

Thank you

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Try this:

If you want to reuse a report template and preserve the smart tags and formatting you can do this:

* Open your Temp folder on the NPrinting Designer machine.

* Open the report template you want to make a copy of by clicking the Edit Template button. You will see a new subfolder appear in the Temp folder

* This folder will contain a copy of your template file. Copy the file to a different location and rename it to something meaningful.

* Create a new report specifying the same Type & App as the one you copied. Select Custom and browse to the saved template.

Click Create & then click Edit Template - you will still need to add the relevant objects into the tree on the left but the smart tags and formatting are retained.

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Thank you. Is there a way to find the name of the report template I want on the Newsand or Nprinting? All of the file names under the Temp Folder are unfamiliar and all have close to the same dates and times of being created, so I am a little confused on which one I want to duplicate.

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Master II

If the report is the same and you are just adjusting filters then couldn't you just create a septate published task and include the same report with different filters?

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Master II

Do a search on the reports list for a report of a similar name then check if how the name is constructed matches the reports in the news stand.

When you find it preview it in editor and then search for it in your temp folder as suggested above.  it will be in the folder that'd his been created just move it somewhere safe and rename it something you can recognise.


if you know the date created in designer you will get the templates in  temp folder    for that perticular day you created