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Dynamic filter in import task

In the documentation regarding the import recipient task,

developer can specify dimension usage import customization thus:

"Salesperson={Elvis, Ilves};"

But this method requires that the file used in import needs to be hand written, and so it's maintanance costly.

Is there another totally automated way to import filter rules in task?

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Re: Dynamic filter in import task

I am not sure what you mean by had written.  You can use qlikview, excel or any other tool to develop formulas that can be stored

most people will use qlikview to buidl the inforamtion into a table box or straight table use dimensions and expressions to get the anmes, filter crieteria etc.  This will get updated when the applciaiton is reloaded and then you can schedule a recipient import to automate the entire process - it is just the one-time coding effort up-front that is required

example  in QlikView - the recipient table below is built in QlikView and then the recipient import reads from the table - as you can see the code dynamically builds the inforamtion based on the data in the application, including Filters

Load SupName  as SupplierName,
Email  as EmailAddress,
'SupID={' & SupID& '}<verify>' as Filter,
as GroupName,
SupName as SubFolder,
as Active

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Re: Dynamic filter in import task


Have you made any progress regarding building your recipient information with filters dynamically (within a QlikView app or other method)

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