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Contributor III
Contributor III

Dynamic fitting Tables

Hey guys,

I want to include a table of an app in QlikSense into a NPrint Report. Within the QlikSense App the rownumber is dynamic to the filters that I use.

Is there an option to scale the picture of the table within NPrint so that I am sure all rows are in the picture? "Fit inside", "stretch", "fit hight", "fit width" is not working though...

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Using an image in this case is the worst possible approach i think. 

Why don't you create for example an Excel based template with NPrinitng report, insert in it excel data based table and then maybe produce it as PDF output or any other format required?

More information from you would give us better understanding how your report needs to look like, also version of Qlik and NPrinting would be helpful as different versions provide different capabilities.

First of all use help to read what is possible:


then maybe have a look at this topic around Excel tables:


And this topic around supported outputs:




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