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Dynamic hyperlinks in Nprinting Powerpoint Issue

Hi I am trying to add hyperlinks in Nprinting Powerpoint for the following two scenarios -

1. Based on the username the hyperlink should go to user's email.

In qlikview, I am creating an action to open the URL - ='mailto: UserEmail' and it works.

2. Based on a order#, order detail page should open in another qlikview document.

In qlikview, I am creating an action 'open the URL' and concatenating order# at the end of the string to create that dynamic hyperlinks. This works as well.

I am trying to figure out how to translate the same requirements in Nprinting Powerpoint. I am using Nprinting November 2018 release version. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Dynamic hyperlinks in Nprinting Powerpoint Issue

can you manually create PPT file (without using NPrinitng) with the functionality you are trying to describe and attach here . Once i understand what you are trying to do then i will be able to help you more.



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