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Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

Hello Experts,

I have been getting this following error when Nprinting report is scheduled on PROD server.

Schedule: Email Task

Start: 12/9/2015 7:56:00 AM


Job: Email Schedule

Task: Email Task

Message: Error: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown

I looked into the Task manager for Physical Memory on the Nprinting server machine, but the memory looks fairly ok and not completely used.

Any ideas or suggestions please ??

Many thanks,


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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

do you get the same error when you run the task manually from a desk top with NPrinting designer?

Did this just start or has email been working until the error was encountered

this will help in determining if it is an issue with any email, regardless of where/how it is sent or if it is new or isolated to the server

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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

any update on this?

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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

Hello Adam,

Thanks a ton for your prompt reply. Yes it used to work fine previously, we just got our new Nprint server, where the report will tough this server for printing reports and email, However this server has got 6GB RAM, i believe this should be the cause or is that fairly ok. If that is the case will have to raise a support ticket with our IT team for an upgrade.

Please let me know...

Many thanks,

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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

Hi Vishsaggi,

I had the same issue a few months ago. After so many attempts of "trial and error", I had it fixed.

I guess you could try to adjust the timeout if Qlikview, depends on your setting. If the task needs longer time than the timeout of access point, you should change it.

You can look into the logfile of nsq, and see how long that task usually takes.

Pls, let me know if it is helpful.


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Re: Email Schedule Error Any suggestions or Ideas

Hello, please see Article 000045598 in Qlik's Support Portal.

The error " System.OutOfMemoryException " seems to happen because the process is unable to find a large enough section of *contiguous* unused pages in its virtual address space to do the requested mapping (not because of the total amount of memory, but rather contiguous unused space), or because a directory or template path is no longer valid. This may cause a memory leak. If the logs do not show an error related to "output producer", than it's usually because of the former.

The error "Error: QlikView NPrinting can't find a supported reporting output producer for the file" in the NPrinting logs demonstrates that there is a directory or template path that is no longer valid, or there is a duplicate template, as these will cause memory leaks... and the customer should update the path.

If you encounter an issue where the NPrinting execution remains in a running status forever, this was a bug (OP-5692) in NPrinting, and the resolution is to upgrade to the November 2017 release or newer. In summary, the report preview execution remained in "running" status forever due to an un-handled and not logged OutOfMemoryException error in Qlik NPrinting Scheduler, which is fixed, and an NPrinting (and QlikView/Qliksense) update to the latest version should be performed.

If the QlikView services are crashing when NPrinting tasks are executed, then it's likely that your QlikView documents are extremely large, charts are maximized, etc... so QlikView Server uses a lot of machine resources and it goes down right when the request from NPrinting is sent. You should try to schedule NPrinting when the Server has more resources. NPrinting uses the QlikView Desktop APIs. If the QlikView Server can't get back to QlikView Desktop, NPrinting shows the error.

Finally, ensure that the .NET Framework is updated, as Microsoft has confirmed memory leak issues which are addressed in the latest releases of the .NET Framework.

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