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Envío reportes secuencial email Nprinting


Estoy lanzando un correo desde nprinting a mas de 500 usuarios, estos usuarios están en un grupo de distribución de nprinting.

En el log he podido observar que se lanzan de manera secuencial, es decir que va enviando el reporte uno por uno, de tal manera que la tarea ejecuta durante horas y no les manda el correo a todos a la vez,  ¿Hay alguna manera de que se le mande a todos a la vez y no lo haga de manera secuencial?

Muchas gracias.


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Hi @Crissg 

I would make an effort and translate your question to English so you would get a greater chance to get an answer. If you don't know English - use google translator (just like I don't know Spanish)


I am sending an email from nprinting to more than 500 users, these users are in a nprinting distribution group.

In the log I have observed that they are launched sequentially, that is to say that the report is sent one by one, in such a way that the task runs for hours and does not send the mail to everyone at the same time, is there a way to to be sent to everyone at once and not sequentially?

Thank you.



Now there is a question if there are following:

  • user section access
  • and/or user filters

If you use one of the above the simple answer is that your report needs to be generated for each user individually (as each user may have different data), so therefore it runs in a sequence. This is working as designed.

hope this helps


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This is how Qlik NPrinting works. It has internal optimizations to minimize the reports generation time and each report could contains different data based on user's filters. So the Qlik NPrinting Scheduler plans and distribute the job to be done and when each report is ready it will open an SMTP connection and send it. So while the SMTP server is sending a report, Qlik NPrinting is creating a new one.

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