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Error occurs when NPrinting Scheduling job.........

Hi All,

When I try to Schedule NPrinting job on server using NPrinting service then error occurs as "Error The default printer for this Windows user's account is invalid! Verify and correct your Windows settings".

I have NPrinting Service account but NPrinting couldn't schedules the job successful.

I installed NPrinting Designer on my local machine and NPrinting server should be installed on Server.(Note: QlikView Server and NPrinting Server are installed on the same machine).

I have a query that we can scheduling jobs using NPrinting Designer and as well as using NPrinting Server but in my scenario I created schedule for job using NPrinting Designer from my local machine and I want to run this schedule used by NPrinting server on server.If I want to change the schedule in the future then can I approach NPrinting designer only or any other different way?

kindly provide me solution for above scenario and also why should I get error when I try to schedules on sever using NPrinting server.fu

many thanks for your Great support...........................................

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Re: Error occurs when NPrinting Scheduling job.........

Can you please clarify?

In your nsq that you created in designer, you have a report assigned to a task, the task is assigned to a job, the job assigned to a schedule.  All of that is saved in the nsq.  From the server console, you point to the nsq to be processed.

At what point does the error occur?when the service tries to run the task,when pointing to the nsq?

Is the user runnign the nprinting service the same or differnt the the user running the qlikview services - they should be different

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