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Excel Pivot table based on dynamic column labels


following the instructions on NPrinting help https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.2/Content/ExcelReports/HowCreatePivotTableExcelTableColumns...

it's easy to create Excel pivot tables based on QlikView straight table data but I cannot figure out how to achieve the same result when source data includes dynamic column labels (i.e. text and variables/formula concatenated)

For example, whit a table like that transformed in Excel table and then summarized:

CustomerSales <YEAR>
Customer 1100
Customer 210
Customer 35

I end up with an Empty Excel pivot table since column name has changed, i.e. "Sales 2017", and Excel is not able to automatically add it to the pivot since it references objects by name.

Is there any way to achieve that in NPrinting 17.5?


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Re: Excel Pivot table based on dynamic column labels

Hi Giuseppe,

yes this is an excel limitation.

You can work around it - export the Sales year in separate column and then use it in the pivot table as column label.