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Excel pivot table - NPrinting 17.3


In my Nprinting excel report, I am creating an excel pivot table from qvf data. Now above the table headers I want to have another header row. I created a formula for the same whose value is a static string like "current time". But when I drop the formula on the cell above the pivot table header, the value is not displayed. Only the formula name( <formula_name>) appears. But if I place the same formula in a cell outside the pivot table columns, it is coming correctly. How can I correct this?

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Re: Excel pivot table - NPrinting 17.3

can you show the picture?

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Re: Excel pivot table - NPrinting 17.3

My understanding is that Pivot tables are created based on existing data.

What you are trying to do is to enter a value in Pivot Tabel (not editable) area - that will never work.

As sugested by Chanty - provide a screenshot of:

  • what you are doing
  • what is your result
  • what is expected result



cheers Lech
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