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Executing Nprinting nsq through service

Hi All,

I have a few nsq's which execute through the service as per the scheduled time set on each nsq. I have one nsq that runs on client.

The nsq's need to be executed as soon as the reload finishes in the morning. At times EOD at night gets delayed and then the reload completes late in the morning. This disturbs the time set on each nsq and they have to be opened and time changed on them before starting service. To remove this manual intervention, I am trying to automate the process through batch.

However, I understand that through batch file, only nprinting client is triggered; nprinting service cannot be triggered through batch. Please correct me if I am wrong.

What is the difference between scheduling time on the nsq's and running through xml file?

I have learnt about xml request files where we line up tasks/jobs to run.

So, does that mean that the tasks/jobs will run in series as they are listed in the request file as soon as the request file is triggered, say through a batch file?

If the above is true, then on executing the request file containing the below, first the Sales Report task will complete execution and then the Commission Report job will be triggered, irrespective of any time set for each of them. Is it correct?

So, if I schedule all the tasks/jobs through a request file, then I suppose I do not need to set time on the nsq's, is it correct?

Also, to have the tasks/jobs executed through the request file, do I need to add the relevant nsq's, on which the tasks/jobs reside, to the scheduler?


<?xml version="1.0"?>


     <schedule file="E:\NPrinting\Sales.nsq" type="task" entityName="Send today's sales Report" />

     <schedule file="C:\NPrinting\Finance Commission.nsq" type="job" entityName="Commission Report" />


Looking forward to your advise.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Syed Rahman

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