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Exporting chart in a qvw file to qvd

Hi All,

I have a requirement like exporting a chart to qvd once the file reloading is completed.

I have tried with OnPostReload Trigger to run a macro

like below

sub straighttoqvd

FilePath = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vSiteSurveys").GetContent.String

    set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

    obj.ExportEx FilePath &"\StarRanking.qvd",4

end sub

I am able to create a qvd when manually reloading the qvw but when the qvw is scheduled in QMC , the qvd is not created, gone through

some posts where came to know that we cannot run a macro in "OnPostReload" trigger.

I would like to check if there are any options in Nprinting, where when the qvw file is refreshed I should be able to create a qvd of a chart in that qvw file.

Hope I am clear in my requirement.


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