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Guide on migrating NPrinting reports from v16 to v17?

Hi there,

Is there a guide on what you should and should not do, checklist on migrating reports from NPrinting 16 to 17?

I don't need to know how to import reports as it is aleady covered here http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.3/Content/ReportsDevelopment/Import-reports.htm

I am looking for best practises and things to consider when migrating from v16 to 17 in terms of tools etc as I understand the two versions are quite different.

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Re: Guide on migrating NPrinting reports from v16 to v17?

We had training with an nprinting expect who mentioned that there is no way at the moment to migrate to 17 besides just importing the reports.

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Re: Guide on migrating NPrinting reports from v16 to v17?

Here are some tips when importing templates from NP16 to NP17. Templates are the only items from the nsq in NP16 that can be imported. Filters are imported differently. 

1. Make sure schedules are inactive in the nsq

2. Deactivate any source qvw in the nsq

3. Cell by cell reports cannot have any imported cells not included in the template. Meaning if you import a row of 12  cells in the template and only use 6 of those 12 cells from that row...the rest need to be deleted before saving the template. This was not an issue in NP16, but can cause the report template to not show up in NP17 when you try to import.

4. Images in NP16 that are set to 'stretch' will need to be changed to 'fit inside' in NP 17 once you imported the template to prevent the image from being blown up in size. 

5. NP16 template specific excel column and row sizes are now rendered correctly in the latest version of NP17. This was my ticket and issue I had previously. I have yet to test, but it should be fixed.

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Re: Guide on migrating NPrinting reports from v16 to v17?

This is not available at the moment - and i would consider it impossible as not all features can be transfered.

I actually suggest to start over from scratch with NPrinting 17. The only thing you have already mentioned is: how to migrate report templates. That is all.




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