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Guidelines for nPrinting

As an organization we are in the process of trying to create guidelines for when to use nPrinting and I would like to know what other organizations have come up with.  Basically we want to keep driving our users to use the QlikView app and limit the number of nPrinting reports we generate.  We don't want to recreate our BOE environment with an unruly amount of reports and do understand that there are some users who won't go to the QlikView app but want the data so will need a report.


Jeremy Kofoot

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Re: Guidelines for nPrinting

For us its about the audience and their needs.

For analysis and up to date data then the view/sense app is good and encourages the self serve culture.

Where nprinting is useful is in supporting the business through point in time reports where the requirement and need is static and consistent.  also allows users to access the data in formats they are familiar with and can take offline.

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Re: Guidelines for nPrinting


For my clients there is a need of properly formated reports coming out from QlikSense. Especilay hard when you try to fit huge number of columns in a table ( as qliksense resizes them based on responsive design)

It is only for people who are interested in day daily/weekly/monthly performance (like sales reps working in field for most of the time) where they will not spend too much time on analytics anyway.



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