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Contributor III

How can I automatically email table contents to separate individuals?

Using a Qlik Sense App Table how can I use NPrinting to automatically email the contents pertaining to each separate person in the table?

A table we created in Qlik Sense has a list of open tasks with the name of the person with an open task, the name of the open task,  and a link to the location of the open task.

We want to email each person their open task on a daily basis.

The app has the email address for each person.

What is required to get this done in NPrinting and how do we accomplish it.

Please know, I am new to both Qlik and NPrinting.

So far I brought the table over to NPrinting and used pages in the Excel format of NPrinting to put each person on their own sheet, but I only want to email and put in the newstand, the results for the separate individuals.


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You need filters for users.

e.g. So for User A you need create and set a filter AssigndTo='UserA'

but if you want make it fully dynamic; i.e. user list changes dynamically

thats a bigger conversation. but roughly

1) build a chart with all the users, email addresses and information for filters (syntax in this file: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.2/tutorials/Examples.zip)

2) Export that chart into an Excel file using an NPrinting Excel format report

3) Import the users on the chart using the import task

This will allow you to dynamically keep users updated.

You will probably want to eliminate old users on every import if the hotel+user combination is constantly changing.





Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank You. I will check out this information.


mark as answered to clsoe the thread. if all ok