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How can i have a default template with the company logo publicly available

I have created a npx file with the logo as an image, and then used it as a model template, but when I use it the image has to be in every application, so it is not really friendly. I have created a picture bIox, but when I specify the URL, it points to my disk, and when I run it, there is no result. Is there a way to physically embed the logo picture in the report ?

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My approach would be:

Upload the logo to your QlikSense content library:

QMC--> contentlibraries

then when you are placing your image instead of pointing to your drive just use network path:

\\yourqliksenseserver\yourqlikshare\StaticContent\DefaultContent or if you put your image in other library just point to it.

Content libraries in Qlik Sense should be accessible by users who will be NPrinting developers.

If you dont want to use QlikSense library you can choose some other shared location in your company.

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You can create a .npx file with a fixed image inside by adding a Picture Box from the right vertical band menu.

Then add that .npx as PixelPerfect default template in Settings -> Reports. All new PixelPerfect templates will start from a clone of the default one.

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