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How can implement a condition that works into nprinting reports ?


I created a Nprinting application to generate reports only when a condition is met.

The condition is that when a measure compared to one other measure is different to 0 then the report is generated.

My Qlikview application contains one chart (straight table) with these 2 measures, one from a database and the other from an Excel file.

I created a variable into my qlikview application that compare these 2 measures for use it into the nprinting app.

I think my variable isn't working cause the report is generated every time like if the condition isn't exist.

Can you help me to figure that issue please ? Or maybe an idea on how can I implement the comparation between the measures into a variable ?


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Re: How can implement a condition that works into nprinting reports ?

Can you create a text box with the variable so you can see what the output is in QlikView? Is the variable the difference between the 2 measures you are trying to compare? And how have you set up the condition in NPrinting?

From there, you should be able to create the condition in NPrinting rather easily comparing the variable to a constant.

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