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How to change Nprinting email reply-to configuration

Hi All,

Could someone please help me guide on how i can configure Nprinting so that when the user hits reply it goes to a different email address than its come from.

For example: the nprinting report was sent from xxx@xxx.com and when the user hits reply to this email the reply to should be aaa@aaa.com.

Can this be done in Nprinting, to be such that i can change this on a  task basis. Some tasks can have a reply to as abc@abc.com and some tasks can have def@def.com.

Is this possible or should I do it outside the Nprinting solution?


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obvious things to start with: please provide version of NPrinting you are using.

From top of my head version 16+ allowed to set this up on task to task basis.

As per version 17+ below is an answer based on NPrinting April 2020 (but i thinks this option goes back some time too).

yes - you can have on custom email set on task to task basis. See screenshot:



my approach is usually different and in my approach I just put a tag in my email content like below so users can just respond to it

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the <a href = "mailto:reports@xyz.com.au">Reports Team</a>"




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