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How to clear all On-demand report queue


The on-demand report generation is fine sometimes and it keeps on queue long sometimes. We don't understand the issue exactly.  Because it works sometimes well. I think if we are able to clear the existing report queue then it will work better. Even restarting services did not worked. May i know that how the report queues can be deleted. I am using Qlik NPrinting 17.6 version. Any other suggestions are appreciated.



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As of Nov 2018 NPrinting on-demand is more manageable because the web console has a facility to view all on-demand requests and 'abort' any ones you like.  THe facility is also turned on/off by security role. so you can grant some more powerful users that aren't admins the ability to do this too if they have to help a team member for example. 

Prior to this version, the end user who initiated the request would have to abort the on-demand request. 

If your using QlikView as a source i would highly recommend upgrading to April 2018+ version as there is much better stability opening/closing QV threads with qv.exe processes on the NP engine.  I would do that if reports are getting slow to finish or if they don't finish at all.