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How to format custom week/year field in NPrinting?

I have the following field in my data load script:

Dual(Replace(WeekName(fillingDate), '/', '-'), weekstart(fillingDate)) AS [fillingYearWeek];

This helps me display dates as week + year: 2017-01 which is week 1 in 2017.

When I add it as a dimension to a qlik sense table, it works perfect. The purpose is to have a row for each week of the year.

I am creating a NPrinting Pixel perfect report and are adding the table as a level in my report. When the table is displayed in my PDF report, it is just a number. I have tried putting Text() around my field in the Qlik sense table dimension, but this does not work in Nprinting.

How can I format this column in NPrinting to display the week/year as it does in my Qlik sense app?