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Creator II
Creator II

How to schedule NPrinting reports to the users with there relevant data?

Hi Everyone,

Can any one please help me on below requirement. I have build one excel report on NPrinting.

That report contains Data manger wise Incidents. Every day the report will be sent to the Data mangers through email.


Based on Data manager field in report only incidents related to them has to be visible instead of all .

Please help me to do this in NPrinting.

Thanks in advance



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I strongly suggest you to start by reading the official help site at https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2020/Content/NPrinting/Introduction/Introduction.htm

What you are trying to do is very well documented and Qlik NPrinting requires training to be used.

There are also a getting started tutorial and videos.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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Creator II
Creator II

Hi @Ruggero_Piccoli 

could you please add the above requirement related page. I haven't found in the above link.


I agree with @Ruggero_Piccoli 

To get a better understanding of NPrinting report development, administration and report distributions, please have a look at the available online resources on this page:

Within the link above are two specific links that describe the solution to your requirement.

To ensure specific users get the data they need to see, simply add a specific 'user' filter to each separate NPrinting user.


Hope this helps guide you in the right direction.

kind regards...


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