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Images in Cover page and table of content


I am pretty new to Nprinting and need some help.

I am building a report in Nprinting.

I need to insert titles on top and page number and a logo at the bottom. I do not want to use the page header and page footer bands. For every page of my report as well as the cover page, it is fine. However, I did insert a page break after my cover page and added a table of contents and for some reason I can't manage to insert my title, page number and logo in the table content's page. Are there any restriction of specific technic because no matter what I do it does not work I end up with my table of content and my page number and logo on 2 different pages (I deleted the title for now, but I do wanna put it on top of my table of contents page).


Thank you for your help

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  1. I would start with main question - what template are you using? Word? PixelPerfect?
  2. Screenshot would definitelly help to understand the layout of your template. If it is Word template what happens when you try to do the same directly in Ms Word? does that work there?
  3. Is the title just a text or is it coming from some formula/variable from Qlik?



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Hello @Lech_Miszkiewicz ,

Sorry for my lack of precision. I am working with pixel perfect.

Here is a screenshot of what I am trying to do:



OK let me try to make it clear.

I have a cover page and at the bottom, I've got a page number and a logo (right before the page break). That works great.

Then, I have a table of content. As far as I understand, tables of contents cannot be put anywhere else than in the report header band, thus, the page break.

I need to be able to insert on top of the page that contains my table of content, a title and other information, using labels (bound with variables). At the bottom of that page I wanna have the page number and a logo.

No matter what I do, I can't manage to have the titles on top of the page and the page number and logo at the bottom. Even When I overlap the different elements with the table of contents, I always get my titles on one page, the table of contents on another one and the page number and logo in a third page.

It works fine for every other page.

I hope this will allow you to help me.


Best regards.




To be honest, it is not completely clear how you have constructed your template since you have only shown a limited portion of your template editor.

to even have a chance of providing any meaningful feedback we would need to see:


1. The full layout of your NP designer and report template the you currently have. The snippet image you provided does not give a complete layout. (suggest using sample data to create a sample layout)

  • use of levels or tables or both
  • have you inserted levels, report, group headers/footers
  • etc

2. an output mockup sample of your expected results

3. an output sample of your actual results


Your requirement at face value does appear to be quite complex and may require deeper requirements analysis.

With this you may at the end of the day, need to check with your Qlik account manager to suggest options for professional services assistance or other options to assist with developing your requirement if we are unable to assist you here in this public forum.


I will place a sample QVF here for your convenience.


Kind regards...

We are just 'like' you and like to be liked when providing a helpful answer. You may also press the 'Solution Accepted' button if an answer provided resolves your question or issue... Cheers!

We are just 'like' you and like to be liked when providing a helpful answer. You may also press the 'Solution Accepted' button if an answer provided resolves your question or issue... Cheers!