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Import Recipient and Existing Filter

Dear all,

I need a advice for a filter issue

I  know  the priority sequence :

Filter Syntax, Parameters, and Options for Importing Recipients

Filters are applied with the priority sequence: Task, Recipient, Cycle, Report, Level/Page, Chart so the final dataset depends on where the filter with clearselections activated is applied.

But in my case.. one report did not give me the correct result and I have found that  when this filter is moved from  Report part to the Recipient it's working very well

So I want know to associate the  recipients to this filter during the task import how I can do that ??

My filter is used to define a "QlikView Variable"


Solution 1 / create the filter .. but I do  not how to do that....I have only found help how create filter to filter qlikview fieds  not qlikview variable Filter Syntax, Parameters, and Options for Importing Recipients

or Solution 2 / llink recipients to the existing filter : but how in an import task ?

thank you for your help



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