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Import from one report into another

If I have an Excel report, is there a way to take the results from it, and bring them into a PowerPoint report?

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First load the excel data to Qlikview then create the required charts and calculation in Qlikview , then you could use NPrinting tool or Macro export the charts to PPT.

Hope you got the Idea


Yes, I'm aware of how QlikView works

I can't do it in this case, because the Excel chart is non-standardized, so it won't easily create in QlikView. I can do it in Excel using NPrinting, because I can give certain cells specific formulas. I'd like to then take that resulting report from Excel, and show it in a PowerPoint.


The viewing in PPT part is probably doable.  You can bring data into a power point presentation from an external file.  If you are  talking about using NPrinting as a distribution tool, that is not likely possible.  Nprinting is setup to bring data in from QVW files only, not other external sources.

Non-standardized is pretty subjective term.  The beauty of Nprinting is that you can place multiple objects out of your QV app to display in your NPrinting template.  So, could you create say your master object in QV and then create a second table object that contains only totals or has different column and row formats.

As long as you can achieve your desired output in QV, you can place your objects however you want them in PPT template in Nprinting.

Thinking outside the box here.