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Import multiple filters per Manager.


I have a list of managers that wants a report each month. Each manager has various numbers of units that they are responsible for:

Manager A: Unit 1-3, Unit 5-8

Manager B: Unit 4, Unit 9-10

The goal is to send the managers a report for each group of units. So manager A will receive two reports each month.

I'd like to set up or import to NPrinting a filter, or a group of filters that can handle this. Now I'm creating each filter manually so I end up with four filters that I apply on the report. I have tried to create a recipient list in Excel but don't know if its possible to add let's say 10 filters for each manager and have them generate 10 reports based on the filters?

Thank you for any kind of input or suggestions.

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In your excel of recipients or if you create recipients within Nprinting, you can assign multiple filters to a recipient.

my question is if a manager has 10 filters, do you need 10 reports? can the report contain the 10 units but broken out by unit - you can use page or levels?

If you need to ahve different reports you will need to use dynamic naming functionality