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Import task LDAP

Is it possible to import users and groups via the database? I would like to import this information from a table that I can also access via app.qvw, to make a section on access and sending the emails.

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Currently it is only possible to use the import sources outlined here:


  • xlsx import file 
  • LDAP source data

Unlike NPrinting 16 which you can import from a QVW, it is not possible to do so at this time on the NP 17+ platform. This is expected in a future release of NPrinting. However it is not currently possible on the NP 17+ platform and there is no specific time frame provided by our R&D team as of yet as to when this feature and other data source connections will be made available. 

The feature will likely be introduced along with the Recipient Import wizard. At the moment, that is still a gap feature awaiting release at a currently unspecified time. Looks like 2020 at this point until further notice.

Scroll to the bottom of the following link for the gap list.


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