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Levels when used with Page headers/footers shows incorrect header/footer while looping in NPrinting

I have a report which consists of 6 pages and it needs to be repeated for each of the ID in my qvf file.The output should be a single pdf.

I have created the report using word and output format as pdf. The issue is while displaying the 1st page for the second and other IDs aprt from 1st ID, the footer/header does not reflect to the first page but to the last page(ie. the 6th page).

Note: Footer/Header in each page is different. I have used level on ID for looping.Start of level is after the header of 1st page and end of level is before footer of 6th page.Obviously we can't add the level start and end before header and after footer.

If I add a page break after 6th page, it generates an additional page.

Please,can anyone help me with this.

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The structure of the template is not clear to me. Could you post some screenshots? Did you have a specific error message?

If you want a pdf you could also create a PixelPerfect template that has page headers and footers.

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Best Regards,
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