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Macro for NP Format Cleanup

Hi everyone,

Since NP doesn't support merging cells in Excel, I believe I need to use a macro to clean up formatting issues. I've never done this before but a quick Google search leads me to believe it's possible to do a Merge Across on EACH sheet in the workbook (except the first). A couple of questions since I have never done this if you will...

  1. How do I get the macro to auto-run on every sheet other than the first? I don't want the end user to have to do anything.
  2. I believe it will not run via the NP output but only once the user opens the file, correct?

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Re: Macro for NP Format Cleanup

you have to run the macro  after generation of nprinting report.

you can write the macro code what ever the changes you have  and run the macro

then if you have dot net team around  they will schedule the report automatically

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Re: Macro for NP Format Cleanup

Hi Cassandra,

please be aware that with Qlik NPrinting (Version 17) it is not possible to generate xlsm-reports. In the moment it is onlys possible to generate xlsx or xls.

With NP in Version 16 it should be possible.

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Re: Macro for NP Format Cleanup

Wow. Another reason not to move to NP17! Thanks Tim.

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