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Modifying NPrinting Login Page

Dear Qlik Experts , 


I have some experience , which is i want to modify the login pop up of NPrinting webconsole and newstand

So the flow is, 

- Client is login in their PC 

- NPrinting Server has been configured , the user that will be used is the user that already registered in Domain Controller. 

- Once Client login at their PC, when they open newstand/webconsole , it wouldn't ask for login page, means it directly go throught the newstand dashboard without login page. 


Please advise. 


Thank you very much


Deddy Sinaga 

2 Replies

Re: Modifying NPrinting Login Page

As far as I understood, you dont want to display the login Popup with the blue Windows Login button but directly open the WebConsole or NewsStand.
Well it has to do with your browser settings. You can allow IE for example to "automatically login with current user and password". Internet options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Change level -> user authentication.
I hope it helps.

Re: Modifying NPrinting Login Page

You must click the blue windows authentication button even if you map domain user accounts to each NPrinting user account. That cannot be disabled. This blue windows auth button MUST be pressed to gain access to NPrinting even if you are already logged in as a user mapped to your NPrinting user account. This works as designed.

This bypasses NPrinting security and prevents a second login to the NP designer if you are also an NP developer.

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