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N Printing Data Issue

Hi All,

we have a Qvw file with 4  sheets  that contains different tables that get data from a single concatenated table through flag option using a trigger,

trigger is working fine and data is pulling correctly into table, but when we used N printing designer to create 4 excel reports for 4 of the objects in separate sheets we are getting same data into all excel reports that is data available in first sheet object,

i have checked for data using preview option as well by running task, please suggest how should i check and correct as i have verified all the object id's from Qvw and N printing report ,everything is fine.

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Creator III
Creator III

Hello Chaitanya,

Please go through the connections which you have created for the app in Nprinting,

and check it,Here you are using 4 different sheets objects under single qv application for the NP- reporting template.,

if you have applied any specific condition or filter under the main menu i.e. Apps of Nprinting then there may be possibility of same

data retrieval

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi kakaderanjit53

i have the same issue as Chaitanya and I have put  a sheet level trigger for each sheet with a flag variable differentiating the rows required in each sheet.

i.e The trigger is that on activating a sheet all the rows will be populated having a Flag variable with a specific value.

Flag values are different in different sheet.

Now I have created four different  templates for four different objects , each one of them in four different sheets in a single QVW.  Now when i preview each one of them in the report task except the first report all are pulling the data not related to that object. Am i doing anything wrong here. Also I have not used any specific conditions or filters in Nprinting App.


Hi Ranjit,

Thank You for Response, We have checked the connections, we have applied triggers to filter the data based on flags, but however the filtered data is not coming into N printing report, instead one object data is reflecting for all the 4 reports. Is there anything else we have to check other than those mentioned.