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N Printing Error: object invoked has disconnected from its client

Hii All,

after 3hrs running n printing task it gives me error ''object invoked has disconnected from its client'' and process terminated. I want to ask how do i increase processing time for my task in n printing, so it will not end my process before completion of task.

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What type of task are you performing?

Are you building one massive report or are you distributing many reports with a cyclic group and using one task to complete it?

Can you break down your task into multiple tasks that finish in a shorter duration each?

It appears you are using a client to run this task.  Is that so or is this a job scheduled on your server?

With a little more information, I could probably guide you further in the process.


In my N Printing task I have added many recipients so it takes more than 3 hrs for termination of process. I can not break my task. my application is huge for per recipients it takes 5-10 min. when i run my n printing task after 3hrs my process automatically terminate before sending the mail to recipients.


If it takes 5-10 minutes per recipient, why can't you just create an individual task for each recipient?

I am assuming you beta tested the process with a smaller group of recipients and then added the whole list.

Can you copy your binary source file (QVW) to your local desktop and run the process from your Nprinting Client?

Contributor II
Contributor II

I Have the same problem, I'm using the 16.6 version and 12.1 Qlik version, I have a Job with some tasks inside of it, but after several minutes the nprinting show this problem up.