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NP 18 warn Imposible to save report in folder denied

Hi everyone,

I'm running on NP project implementation, the scenario is generated report will save in shared folder. So I created a shared folder in same server (mane: server A) then everything works smoothly. But there was some conditions, the generated reports has to save in different server (server B). In my opinion i just change the IP server and the path also, when i did it there was a warn said 'Impossible to save report in folder //serverB/path is denied'.

Does anyone has idea? What should i do? Hopefully i get the advice asap. Thanks. Good day.


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Quite straight forward. User running nPrinting engine service does not have rights to write into the folder on another server. 

You need to grand read/write access to this user 

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Contributor III
Contributor III

hello, I am having the same issue here. But i am certain that our service account has write access to the network folder since i have tried to open the folder and create a file with the user running nPrinting engine service, and it works.
Can you give any other advice? Can i find more info in Nprinting log files?

Thank you!


Hi @elifapa


Please note that this conversation which you are replying to is more than two years old. We recommend starting a new discussion threads rather than replying to older threads in case issue fixes are found in newer versions of NPrinting.


In any case, if you are not certain that the NP service account has 'full' access to the network share, you should speak with your IT team to confirm that it does have full access. Full especially if you are having export to network folder issues....as what you are reporting is purely a networking issue.

Also not that if your network share is defined by a mapped drive, note that this is not supported.


Kind regards...


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