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NPRINTING: Power Point Table Cell Color


I am create a PPT on NPRINITNG, which the link to Qlik Sense. How to show a field on PPT on table with color code with criteria. The color is set on Qlik Sense, but it not able to show on NPRINTING PPT.



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Re: NPRINTING: Power Point Table Cell Color


I don't really know how you are formatting your objects in Qlik Sense also you are not telling us how you are bringing it to NPrinting. You also did not give us any information about versions of software you are using, nor providing screenshots of how you have built your template.

All what I can say is that it can be done using Qlik Sense and NPrinting. Below are the steps i did...

I brought in to PPT Qlik Sense table with formatting. If you want to carry across Qlik Sense conditional formatting you need to have " Keep Source Formats" checked. (see picture)


This obviously means that you cannot use PPT formatting as you can only choose either Qlik or PPT formatting  - not both at the same time! It is obvious-right?

When you execute it carries across formatting as in Qlik Sense (see screenshots)

Source in Qlik Sense


Results in PPT



If you had something else in mind - then elaborate more and provide detailed description with samples and screenshots.



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