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Contributor III
Contributor III

NPrining report filters trough REST Api - EXCLUDE VALUES

Hi Experts,


I've been trying to find the solution in previous posts but I haven't been able to find it.

I know how to set up the filters to create reports through rest Api:

"appId": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
"enabled": true,
"name": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
"description": "",
"fields": [{
"connectionId": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
"name": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"overrideValues": true,
"values": [

{ "value": 6538, "type": "number" }


In this case I'm creating a report for the value '6538' but, is there any way to create a report including all the values except '6538'? Is there any way to create an excluding filter?


Thanks in advance

2 Replies

It might be possible through the Rest api but it is not described, so you will have to try out some stuff and see if it works. As it is not possible within Nprinting as far as I know.
Easiest thing would be to just get all values from the field and fill everything in except '6538'. but this will not work if you have data that is not linked to this field.
Contributor III
Contributor III

thanks for your reply, let's see if someone has a solution, otherwise I will just create as many filters as values